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Frequently Asked Questions

About Healthcare Professionals Registry

What is the Healthcare Professionals Registry?

Healthcare Professionals Registry is a comprehensive repository of all healthcare professionals involved in delivery of healthcare services across both modern and traditional systems of medicine. Enrolling in the Healthcare Professionals Registry will enable them to get connected to India’s digital health ecosystem.

Who can enroll in the Healthcare Professionals Registry?

Various categories of healthcare professionals either directly or indirectly providing health services across modern and traditional systems of medicine can enroll on Healthcare Professional ID. Applications for enrolment in the registry will be verified by the appropriate authorities. Currently doctors can enroll and going forward other categories of professionals will be added.

How to enroll in the Healthcare Professionals Registry?

Enrollment is a simple process requiring 20-30 minutes if all documents are readily available. The Healthcare Professional needs to authenticate and generate a Healthcare Professional ID. Using this the applicant will login to fill the application form consisting of basic demographic details, registration details, educational qualifications, and place of work. After submission, this information will be verified by respective council / governing body under which the healthcare professional is registered and then account activated if their information is correct.

The applicants are advised to keep their Registration Certificate, Degree/Diploma and Proof of Employment (in case of government employees) ready before starting the enrollment process.

What are the benefits of registering in Healthcare Professionals Registry?

Healthcare Professionals enrolling in HPR will have access to several benefits. Some envisaged benefits which are planned in the coming days are covered below

  • Online presence and discoverability: professionals can share specializations, educational background etc. for patient view. Verified profiles on a national platform instill trust.
  • Faster Registration, License Renewal and NOC Issuance with councils and other governing bodies.
  • Seamless employment and credentials verification by employers and health facilities when onboarding.
  • Digital Health Records: Consented access to electronic medical records with seamless retrieval.
  • Ability to go paperless for diagnostic reports, discharge summaries, prescriptions etc.
  • Telemedicine: Eligible healthcare professionals may treat patient remotely through telemedicine.

Is enrolling in Healthcare Professionals Registry compulsory?

Enrolling in Healthcare Professionals Registry is voluntary. However, the management of healthcare facility may take a decision on making their healthcare professionals register on the HPR.

Is there a fee involved for registration in Healthcare Professionals Registry?

There is no fee for registration in the Healthcare Professionals Registry or for generating a Healthcare Professional ID.

I am not working currently. Can I enroll in the Healthcare Professionals Registry?

Yes, healthcare professionals who are registered with their respective councils but are not practicing can enroll.

Healthcare professionals are mandated to register with their respective councils. Is there a need to enroll in the Healthcare Professionals Registry again? Why can’t Healthcare Professionals Registry accounts be issued to all automatically?

The Healthcare Professionals Registry will not replace existing registration issued by respective councils. It will, however, bring together data of those professionals from all States participating in ABDM on a digital platform. It will provide additional digital services to the enrolled professionals and will be their primary identifier under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission. If professionals wish to avail of these services, they may do so by enrolling in HPR. Further, the processes for registration vary greatly by state, hence a separate enrollment in the Healthcare Professionals Registry is required to capture a standard set of attributes.

Who is the registration authority overseeing enrolment in the Healthcare Professionals Registry?

The Councils /Registrars/ Boards at both national and state level for different categories of healthcare professionals verify the enrollment. National Medical Commission (NMC), Dental Council of India (DCI), National Commission for Indian System of Medicine (NCISM), National Commission for Homeopathy (NCH) are some of the bodies overseeing enrolment along with the respective State Councils/ Registrars/ Boards.

What is the role of National Health Authority in the Healthcare Professionals Registry?

National Health Authority (NHA) only provides the technology platform for HPR. The data is entered by the healthcare professionals and verified by their respective councils. Registries generated in this way are used as building blocks for providing various services under ABDM.

What are the rules that professionals in the Healthcare Professionals Registry need to abide by?

The Healthcare Professionals Registry shall act as a single source of truth for digital health, and all healthcare professionals in the ABDM ecosystem. Processes have been designed to ensure that only professionals approved by authorized bodies are onboarded. Further, these healthcare professionals will also need to abide by the rules of conduct placed by various services they are utilizing through the registry.

What is being done to spread awareness of the Healthcare Professionals Registry?

Information, Education and Communication (IEC) campaigns are being designed and rolled out by NHA in conjunction with the concerned authorities at the state and national level. Integrations with existing digital applications managed by various entities will be used to accelerate adoption.

Data Security & Protection

Is my data in the Healthcare Professionals Registry secure?

Healthcare Professionals Registry is highly secure and makes use of several inbuilt industry leading security mechanisms. All the data is transmitted over Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) for secure communication and there is focus on data confidentiality, robustness, and data integrity.

What personal information is gathered in the Healthcare Professionals Registry?

The Healthcare Professionals Registry follows a minimalistic approach to data collection and only seeks information which is necessary to verify the identity and credentials of a healthcare professional. This includes demographic, contact, registration, academic, and place of work details.

Once I create my account, will my information be visible to everyone?

Healthcare professionals can choose if they want their profile to be public and can also control the information to be visible to all. They will however need to abide by the guidelines of the respective council/governing body under which they are registered.

Who can access my data on the Healthcare Professionals Registry?

Only publicly visible information can be accessed by third parties. The administration, verifiers of the respective council, governing body under which the healthcare professional comes also have access to the data.

Account Related

My name has changed/ my name isn’t identical on all my records. Can I register in the Healthcare Professionals Registry?

Yes, you can submit your application. Any changes in records will need to be approved by the Council/ Registrar/ Board.

Is it mandatory to fill all fields in the Healthcare Professionals Registry?

All starred fields are mandatory. They allow us to cross check the information provided.

Do I need to update all qualifications I possess?

It is advisable to include your academic qualifications which have been registered with the respective council/governing body.

Once I am registered in a specialty, does it mean I cannot do procedures outside my specialty?

Practice of medicine shall be governed by respective councils and legal provisions. Healthcare professionals can provide all healthcare services within such framework as per the competence.

If I work in more than one hospital, can I list all the hospitals?

Yes. There is a functionality within the Healthcare Professionals Registry that will allow professionals to link their records to that of one or more facilities. Applicants are encouraged to list all the facilities they work in.

What happens once I submit my application online?

After submission, the application is verified by the appropriate governing council (e.g., a doctor’s application will be verified by the State Medical Council, a dentist’s application will be verified by the State Dental Council). If any discrepancies are noted or changes are to be made, the user will be notified. Once the application is approved, the Healthcare Professional ID is activated. Discrepancies are likely to delay account activation.

Can I edit my personal information?

All personal information can be edited as and when necessary.

How often should I update my account?

We suggest that the account be updated whenever there is any change in information. For example – additional qualification, change of address, change of name etc.

Fraudulent Practices

What are the policies in place to prevent fraud on the website?

Processes have been designed to ensure that only verified healthcare professionals are onboarded after approval from respective authorized bodies. Healthcare professionals will also need to abide by the rules of conduct placed by various services they are utilizing through the Healthcare Professionals Registry.

What can I do if I have feedback of fraudulent usage of the Healthcare Professionals Registry?

Please share your feedback on or call 1800 11 4477

Technical Issues

I forgot my Healthcare Professional ID, what should I do?

To reset your password, please select the ‘Forgot your HP ID’ option on and follow the mentioned instructions.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, please login at and select the ‘Change Password’ option from your profile. Enter your new password, then choose a confirmation mechanism such as via mobile OTP, Aadhaar OTP, or old password.


I am having issues with the application whom do I need to contact?

Please register your grievance on or call 1800 11 4477